Benefit Structure

All SACCAWU members qualify for risk benefits as selected at a participating Employer level.

Group Life Cover

Death benefit payable to your nominated beneficiary(ies) in the event of your death

  • 4 times annual salary

  • Example:

    Joe Block is a member of SACCAWU who earns R5 000 per month.  Joe therefore earns an annual salary of R60 000 per annum.  Joe would like to know how much cover his beneficiary(ies) is entitled to in the event of his death.

    Group Life Cover:                               4 x annual salary
    Annual Salary :                                  R60 000
    Life cover :                                        4 x R60 000 = R240 000

    Therefore, Joe’s beneficiaries are entitled to R240 000 in the event of his death.  In addition to this, Joe’s beneficiaries will also receive his share of the Fund.

    Spouses Life Cover

    Death benefit payable to you in the event of your spouse’s death

  • 1 times annual salary
  • The benefit is limited to 1 spouse’s claim per review period.

  • Example:
    Joe Block got married and needs to insure his spouse.  Joe earns R5 000 per month which is equal to R60 000 per annum.  

    Spouses Cover:                                      1 x annual salary
    Annual Salary :                                      R60 000
    Spouses Cover :                                     1 x R60 000 = R60 000

    Therefore, Joe will be entitled to R60 000 in the event of his wife’s death. 

    Family Cover

    Death benefit payable should you or a member of your immediate family pass away

    Who is covered under this policy?

  • Principal Member;
  • Principal Member’s Spouse;
  • Principal Member’s children (under the age of 21);
  • Principal Member’s children (under the age of 25 who are full time students);
  • Cover will be extended indefinitely if the Principal Member’s child is or becomes wholly, and continuously, dependent on the Principle Member as a result of mental or physical infirmity that prevents him from maintaining himself.

  • **The benefit pays for 1 spouses claim per review period.

    What is the benefit?

      Person Covered Benefit
      Member R30 000
      Spouse R25 000
      Children: Aged 14 – 21 R15 000
      Children: Aged  6 - 13 R  8 000
      Children: Aged  0 – 5 R  4 000
      Stillborn from 26 weeks of pregnancy R  4 000

    *children over 21 need to provide proof of being full time students in order to qualify under this cover until age 25.

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many spouses can I claim for on this benefit?
  • The benefit pays for 1 spouses claim per review period.

    Disability Income Cover

    Monthly income benefit that you will receive if you were to be disabled as defined in the policy while you are employed  to the extent that you are incapable of performing your own and any alternative occupation as a result of a condition that arose from an injury or illness.

  • 75% of salary is payable to you when a claim is approved with an additional  % of salary contributed to the Retirement Fund
  • The total benefit is subject to a maximum of R150 000 per month and is reviewed annually. 
  • The monthly benefit will escalate each year by CPI
  • Should your claim be approved, payment will commence after the expiry of the 3 month waiting period

    Is payment of the disability benefit guaranteed?

  • No, payment of the claim is subject to assessment of medical evidence to determine whether illness/injury resulted in the inability to perform your occupation or a reasonable alternative.
  • The insurer can defer for additional information if needed.
  • Once evaluated, the insurer will determine whether your claim qualifies or not.

    How is the disability benefit paid?

  • Once admitted, the benefit is payable until the earliest of i) recovery, ii) death, attainment of the normal retirement age, or until the Insurer determines that you no longer meet the definition of disability.
  • The benefit is paid as a monthly income.


    Joe Block has suffered a major stroke at age 35 and is no longer able to perform his occupation or a reasonable alternative. He applies for disability and his claim is approved. He currently earns R5 000 per month and therefore receives a benefit of:

    Monthly income:                                    75% of monthly income = R3 750


    Funeral Support Service

    You, your spouse and dependent children qualify for the Funeral Support Service at no extra cost. The service allows for the transportation of the deceased by road or air from anywhere in the world to the funeral home closest to the place of burial in
    South Africa or neighbouring countries: Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique (up to Vilakulo).

    The service can be accessed at any time by calling 0860 000 500.  Lines are manned 24 hours a day and caters for all 11 official languages


    This benefit provides financial support for the family of a disability income claimant who dies.  Old Mutual will pay a Cash4♥Ones lump sum benefit equal to three times your monthly income protection benefit should you die while receiving a disability income benefit from Old Mutual.  This benefit is only payable if Old Mutual is in possession of a completed beneficiary nomination.  Please ensure that your beneficiary details remain current.

    You may contact the Fund should you have an immediate query.