Our History

The SACCAWU National Provident Fund has a proud history dating back to  February 1994 when it was formed. The Fund has since become one of the largest Umbrella Provident Funds in South Africa with approximately 95000 members and actively managing funds of approximately R6 Billion. 

The Fund was originally established only for members of the Saccawu Union, but due to an overwhelming request from non-union members the Fund amended its rules in order for non-union members to be able to join the Fund. The Fund currently consist of approximately 50% non-union members. 

The Fund is a separate legal entity from the Saccawu Union and is registered with the FSB under registration number 12/831217.

Over the last 10 years the fund has declared excellent returns for its members despite a volatile market:

  Total Return Average Return
1 year 10.19% 10.19%
3 years 24.70% 8.23%
5 years 53.87% 10.77%
10 years 126.30% 12.63%