Fund Credit

The main point of the Saccawu National Provident Fund is to help you save money towards your retirement. Your Fund Credit is the money you have saved up since you joined the fund and is made up of:

  • Total contributions (member and employer contributions); LESS
  • Risk benefit costs and fund expenses; PLUS
  • Any additional voluntary contributions (if applicable); PLUS
  • Any amount transferred into this Fund on your behalf from a previous fund you belonged to; PLUS
  • Investment returns earned.

  • Put simply, you and/or the employer put money into the fund each month. The money grows with investment return and at retirement the Fund Credit needs to provide you with an income for the rest of your life.


  • The best way to save for retirement is… slowly over time and for a long time
  • The earlier you put money into a retirement account, the more interest you will accumulate over time.
  • This is the true power of compound interest!
  • Every year that you reinvest your interest (in other words, don’t touch your money or withdraw), greatly improves the chances of growing your money to be able to retire comfortably.